Sampler Sessions: Twitter Taste Live: Dogfish Head Exotics
pourn: Twitter Taste Live Dogfish Head

pourn: Twitter Taste Live Dogfish Head

I’m participating in Twitter taste Live on Twitter tonight (Eastern Standard times listed below). For more info on what that means, please visit
and please consider joining us. It’s free, aside from getting the beers, and a hell of a lot of fun.

The beers are estimated using my formula to have a cumulative total calories ofย  2137.5 for the single consumer who finishes each of them. Wish me luck.

Interestingly, the beers are listed with FAR lower calories than my estimates on the DFH web sites, which I include for comparison.

Red & White – 8:05 pm (oak aged wit, snifter)

25.4 fl ozย  * 10% ABV = 254 / 60 = 4.23 beers * 150C = 634.5 C estimated

Fort – 8:30 pm (fruit beer, snifter)

25.4 fl ozย  * 18% ABV = 457.2 / 60 = 7.62 beers * 150C = 1143 C estimated

Palo Santo Marron – 8:50 pm (wood aged brown ale, pint)

12 fl ozย  * 12% ABV = 144 / 60 = 2.4 beers * 150C = 360 C estimated

  1. @dogfishbeer I don’t want it to be like that, I love your brews, can’t you tell me how it affects my weight? After my loss, cmon #ttl

  2. @semperfifi so glad to hear it. #ttl

  3. @BahHumBrew flyingdog rocks esp imperial styles #ttl

  4. @dogfishbeer let’s talk. I don’t want to disrespect, I just want the truth. I love your beer, love my sense back. Calories matter!!!!!! #ttl

  5. @semperfifi I love the platform. #ttl

  6. @hopwild with great beer, who needs bread? ๐Ÿ˜‰ not me. #ttl

  7. @BahHumBrew it’s an amazing way to share, let’s do it more often! #ttl

  8. @TheBeerWench yeah, you’re impervious to calories, but for the rest of us, we need to consider a day’s worth in a sitting. #ttl

  9. @csjo #ttl is the greatest search term that ever existed. We try beer, and wine, and we tweet on it. Join us!

  10. @snax should never stop you, should just make you aware. I’m consuming about 2500 calories today, most of it (amazing) beer. #ttl

  11. RT @beertweeter: @dogfishbeer @zymoid @thebeerwench the best! great peeps, great brews! I’m sticking around #ttl

  12. @beercommdood exactly. I need some detail on why the Calories are reported so low. #ttl

  13. @beertweeter from tonight, Fort, all time? world wide stout #ttl

  14. RT @hopwild: thanks @dogfishbeer and @zymoid for joining us! thx @thebeerwench for hosting! #ttl

  15. @beercommdood she was interesting for sure! #ttl

  16. @Sandorsnow thanks! #ttl

  17. @semperfifi thanks! #ttl

  18. @dogfishbeer can you give me an @ for your lab dude? I have some questions. #ttl

  19. plus, it would take an elephant gun to kill you buzz, just sayin. #ttl

  20. hey, I have to consider the issue, or else I’m obese again. #ttl
  21. @dogfishbeer I appreciate that you are posting calories, but how do you come to your numbers? What’s the serving size? No disrespect. #ttl

  22. @lemasney whoa, 2000 C. sorry. #ttl

  23. @beertweeter I did — for single drinkers, it’s over 20000 calories, IMO. @dogfishbeer differs. http://beercritic.wordpress… #ttl

  24. wondering how to collect my tasting notes effectively for beercritic. #ttl

  25. RT @hopwild: dont forge to follow your fellow ttl-ers #ttl

  26. @kallardnyc re: the video feed? ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  27. @Sandorsnow still finishing bottle one, but I’m with you all the way #ttl

  28. RT @Lotay: “Crash Into Me” – Dave Matthews Band โ™ซ

  29. @beercommdood interesting, for sure. #ttl

  30. @zymoid from you, that’s the ultimate compliment. You are a poet in physical action, and we all appreciated it here tonight. #ttl

  31. @Sandorsnow no, I was just leaving half of my bottle full. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  32. @JugShop Beeeeelllllllccchch. #ttl

  33. enjoyed @dogfishbeer with you all tonight. Thanks! #ttl

  34. @TheAleuminati bye! #ttl

  35. @ErikBoles wish I was, dude. #ttl

  36. I’m so surprised by the flavors of the familiar PSM tonight — so much a coffee stout tonight, never before. #ttl

  37. @TheAleuminati oh yeah. #ttl

  38. @ErikBoles they are the reason I took to twitter for real interaction TTL rocks #ttl

  39. @beercommdood that’s a great summary #ttl

  40. RT @ErikBoles: @DFH‘s is like sex with a 40 year old woman when you are 21: it teaches you things you didn’t even know existed #ttl
  41. @Gservo cool, crazy, and chaotic, but fun, as usual. #ttl

  42. @BahHumBrew the warmth is essential, the aroma moves from subtlety to a command of your olfacatory #ttl

  43. @TheAleuminati so say we all! #ttl

  44. The flavors as it calms are like espresso. So very nice. #ttl

  45. @Gservo coming after we shut down — plenty of pourn, too! #ttl

  46. @TheAleuminati Hi right back! #ttl

  47. “the ones that count are here” That’s nice. #ttl

  48. @ErikBoles well done re: summary. #ttl

  49. @JugShop yeah, how about that. :/ #ttl

  50. has everyone seen the palo santo marron brewing video? Youtube it. @dogfishbeer #ttl

  51. @zymoid it’s such a beautiful layered series of flavors. Not nearly as complex as the others, but like eating a handful of roasted malt #ttl

  52. starts tart, and dark, middle is continuous toast, and finish is long ad burnt. The wood is omnipresent. #ttl

  53. Taste is chocolate, cocoa, coffee, roasted malt, deep and dark burnt flavor. little sweetness present, this is all about malt. #ttl

  54. SPM is deep, woodsy aroma, sweet, and black as midnight in the woods. I’ve had it several times, but always enjoyable to anticipate. #ttl

  55. @panache yes! #ttl

  56. @Sandorsnow no, why do you ask? #ttl

  57. @zymoid most definitely. You have quite a product here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  58. So when is Santo Palo Marron? #ttl

  59. @ErikBoles exactly. #ttl

  60. see you, @beerphilosopher ! #ttl
  61. @AngelosTzelepis sorry if it makes you laugh. #ttl

  62. Dogfish head is brewing beers that make you rethink the very state of beer as an idea. They ask you to set aside your beer definition. #ttl

  63. I feel like the body in the glass is like a mirror, a look at hope for the future. It’s like a celebration in a glass, to share ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  64. RT @ErikBoles: RT @beerphilosopher: Friends don’t let friends drink Fort and Tweet … … #ttl NICE

  65. yeah hops seem secondary. this is about candy. #ttl

  66. The taste reminds me of stone ground wheat in texture, grape soda in aroma, and medicine in finish. The best medicine ever. #ttl

  67. definitely brandy, wheat, raspberry, and honey. Delicious. Agitation brings a strong aroma of whiskey, oak, and leaf mold. #ttl

  68. I doubt highly anyone will be able to taste the Palo Santo Marron. #ttl

  69. Surprisingly well balanced. Not sweet at first, sweetness emerges, nice burn throughout, and long wonderful finish. #ttl

  70. taste is deep, layered with flavors: raisin, cherry, plum, raspberry, citrus, bitterness, burns on the way down. So nice. #ttl

  71. No head at all, but the body is deep amber, just a touch of haze, and visually active in carbonation. #ttl

  72. Wow, Fort’s aroma is wonderful, sweet, and all about raspberries. Some cherry effects, grape soda, and candy all the way. #ttl

  73. @zymoid moving on to Fort then. Thanks! #ttl

  74. @beertweeter thanks! #ttl

  75. so are we moving on to Fort? #ttl

  76. 3-7-2009 7-53-43 PM.jpg [pic]

  77. @dogfishbeer @zymoid thanks for the great work that you do! #ttl

  78. @TheBeerWench we can make that happen next time. #ttl

  79. @dogfishbeer you make fantastic brews. Cheers! #ttl

  80. @beercommdood I don’t think so, it could just be my palate tonight. It’s def not off, but wondered. #ttl
  81. 8:20 what’s next up? Fort, I’m hoping. #ttl

  82. @kallardnyc Reign In Red & White #ttl

  83. I saw that trend post coming. Let’s rock it, tweeps. #ttl

  84. R&W there is definitely a bit of aluminum peeking through somehow. Delicious, not off putting, but surprising. @zymoid, ideas? #ttl

  85. Thanks, all. I think #TTL is the best way to share beers with friends. #ttl

  86. carbonation is not visually evident, but very evident in the palate. Like an ocean. The body is a summer sunset, with rain in the morn. #ttl

  87. mine is warming up nicely, and the aroma is reaching out into the room. #ttl

  88. sencondary tastes are about citrus and rind. The finish for me is lengthening. #ttl

  89. my sediment hasn’t made it into the glass yet, and it’s surprisingly clear. I must have stored it well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  90. not sweet at all, so much about the electric palate. very little bitterness, but finish is medium and very much about malt. #ttl

  91. @rgrace99 yep, just paused to record the video for the pour. Uploads later! #ttl

  92. first taste is amazing, very round in the mouth, spritzy and slightly metallic. electric palate, pins in the mouth. wonderful. #ttl

  93. red and white is Belgian aromatics, clear, red, and white head. Very nice to look at and brilliant. #ttl

  94. @beerphilosopher hey Shawn! Great to see you here! #ttl

  95. wow, that kind of blows. #ttl

  96. opened the fort since it was listed first in the listing. #ttl

  97. @dogfishbeer Fort up first #ttl

  98. @biergirl no disagreement. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  99. now following @zymoid ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  100. @kyleroth haven’t done as much pairing as tasting, but encouraged. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl
  101. Brooklyn Local 2 rocks! #ttl

  102. beers out. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  103. @TheBeerWench you’re doing great. #ttl

  104. @TheBeerWench wonder what #ttl trends will do tonight, and how that will affect ustream. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cool! stream looks good.

  105. @binendswine happy birthday! #ttl

  106. @MattsAquarium great, tasty, nice #beer like @dogfishbeer or @stronebrewingco

  107. @TheBeerWench so happy to hear you’re going ahead with it. #ustream rocks. #ttl

  108. RT @Bsimi: @rogersmithhotel will officially have @stfler22 @bsimi @chefdeRSH in on #ttl @dogfishbeer tonight. Sweet. #ttl

  109. doing some homework while waiting patiently for 8 pm to come.
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TTL Transatlantic Stouts, as it happened says:

Tasting Times (EST USA):

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout– 6:10
Rogue Shakespeare Stout– 6:30
Rogue Chocolate Stout– 6:50
Samuel Smith Imperial Stout– 7:10

7:30 – ? @reluct_scooper says he has a few UK Stouts that he will open and tweet about. Discussion on Sam Smith & Rogue continues.

5:53: I’ve got my water nearby, tweetdeck chirping away, and I’ve already done group and individual bottle shots. This is going to be cool.

6:21: Just got some compliments on my notes. This is fun.

7:08 this is tough to do. Lots of beer!

8:39 What an experience. Here’s the trail:

  1. @reluct_scooper those two are very fine examples, but many more exist. #ttl

  2. @NormskiBrewer nice to have you! #ttl

  3. is a little compilation pic of tonight’s offerings. Cheers.

  4. @beerbabe just finished a WWS, and enjoyed it immensely. It defines the words ‘sip’ and ‘pleasure’. #ttl

  5. @beerbabe I โค Santo Palo Marron. I’ve gotten into Facebook fights over the amazingness of this brew. #ttl

  6. @beerbabe the flavor really emerges with the mellowing warmth. #ttl

  7. @beertweeter I am an amateur beer chef. ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehehe. #ttl

  8. having very room temp Shakespeare, and it’s still standing up nicely. Nice hop finish, a bit mellower, of course, but flavor is there. #ttl

  9. @beertweeter good or bad? I finished my impy. #ttl

  10. biab. You people absolutely rock. #ttl

  11. @beertweeter you inspired me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  12. @Normskibrewer My pleasure. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  13. @tastelive blushes and cheers. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Video forthcoming, but a slower process. #ttl

  14. @beerbabe Thanks! It’s my latest little way of getting into my work. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  15. Photos from tonight’s tasting: #ttl

  16. @Ekajtactless love that bastard. #ttl

  17. #3 trend on all of twitter. That really is kind of something on a Saturday evening, no? #ttl

  18. Wow. we cracked the code. Care deeply about something and talk about it. For hours! Lets get advertisements going. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  19. @Gservo had the Creme Brulee on tap once. That was nice. #ttl

  20. @Normskibrewer I like the way you drink… er think. #ttl
  21. @beertweeter Sessions are the new imperial styles. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  22. @reluct_scooper yeah I’d like to hear the also rans! #ttl

  23. @Normskibrewer If you want bucketlist brews, I’d suggest Mikkeller Black, Beer Geek breakfast, Great Divide Yeti, Dogfish Head 120, etc #ttl

  24. @Normskibrewer I don’t think any of these were to-die-for brews, but all good. #ttl

  25. @beerbabe I think these all stood up well. We can all agree that a macro brown ale would have trouble in the list. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  26. @Normskibrewer Sam Smith Imperial 17/20 Oatmeal 18/20 Rogue Chocolate 16/20 Shakespeare 18/20 #ttl

  27. @beerbabe it’s going to be a long night. But delicious. Cheers! #ttl

  28. going to follow each of you soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  29. @beertweeter I love that we live in a time that we can share this experience in this way. I’m a technologist first, and this is sublime #ttl

  30. @beerbabe it was my absolute pleasure, I can assure you. I’ve wanted to taste beers with you a long time now. #ttl

  31. does anyone esle have unfinished bombers sitting before them? #ttl

  32. This has been a lot of fun, friends! I’m looking forward to the next one as well. #ttl

  33. Being that Philly Beer week is approaching I think ale on cask will be an easy fix come March. Just saying. #ttl

  34. @beertweeter I think we all might benefit. They do casks at the Hulmeville Inn from time to time, in PA. #ttl

  35. I once had Sculpin from a Firkin in Philadelphia at a very special event. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  36. @beertweeter will do. I’m in NJ. You? #ttl

  37. @beertweeter there’s a place near me that has no trouble kicking casks in a few days — they do great advertising, beer lists, etc. #ttl

  38. @beertweeter trending #10 – damn, who’s at #9? #ttl

  39. @beertweeter The Mikkeller (Imperial stout) I mentioned earlier comes out at about 18% ABV. #ttl

  40. @hopwild I have to say I usually taste at cellar or warmer. I enjoy fuller flavors, genuinely. Mine aren’t cold at all, but delicious. #ttl
  41. @beerbabe sadly, no. #ttl

  42. @Normskibrewer Sam Smith Imp Stout. #ttl

  43. @hoppy_mike Raison seems a lot more intense than this, though. This is smoother, mellow, to me. #ttl

  44. To Bill, a deserving brew for a deserving appreciative. #ttl

  45. palate starts washy, foamy, middles to a linen and silk luxury, followed by a raisinous dark roasted finish that stays for a bit. Nice. #ttl

  46. Agitation does wonders for the visuals and for the aroma. The flavor retains its impact thoughout. #ttl

  47. Taste goes right to raisin, plum, oats, and coffee. So very smooth. some carbo in the finish, but not distracting. #ttl

  48. An appropriate stout for the toast: thick viscosity, thinner beautiful tan head, intricate lacing. Bill might have loved it. #ttl

  49. @hopwild to Bill! #ttl

  50. @reluct_scooper Cheers! #ttl

  51. @beertweeter me am. I mean I am. Wow. Long night. #ttl

  52. Maybe instead of the 25 random things craze on facebook, we could start a 10 beers for life list. Just a thought. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  53. pausing to video and snapshot the pour and body. biab. #ttl

  54. Mikkeller ้ป‘ is mine, hands down. Lots of Number 2s though. #ttl

  55. @beerbabe how’s the pairing? #ttl

  56. @beerbabe Agreed and wholeheartedly. #ttl

  57. @beerbabe I would go as far as to say that generalizing to gender is a fruitless endeavor. Especially when it comes to beer. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  58. Comparatively, I’d say this is more intense than the Sam Smith, but less than the Shakespeare. Hops are somewhat less here, no? #ttl

  59. @beertweeter and oh, how I’ve tried to turn her on to great beer. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  60. @beertweeter my wife. #ttl
  61. Starts carbona crisp, dry, and middles to blunt malty roasted notes. Finish is slightly bitter. Dark chocolate throughout. Delicious. #ttl

  62. roasted malt definitely comes through in the aroma as chocolate. Fully opaque body with foamy tan head. lacing is nice already. Milky. #ttl

  63. just paused to take some video of the pour and some body shots. Pourn. hehe. Ahem. Back now. #ttl

  64. oh man. sit this pint aside. take a drink of water. deep breath. #ttl

  65. @beerbabe a good problem to have. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  66. For Rogue, DFH, and Stone, having new offerings allows for diversity and experimentation that led to their original success. Good on em #ttl

  67. @beerbabe And as a result, you get Chipotle ale. I was less impressed with Soba ale. Don’t get me started on Dogfish Head. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  68. @beerbabe Babe Ruth was a leader in strikeouts as well as hits (i think), I think Rogue’s experimental nature allows for greatness. #ttl

  69. @beertweeter +10 for Lovibond reference. #ttl

  70. @beerbabe Rogue is really one of the most reliable brewers for hopheads no matter the style. Their Yellow Snow IPA, is world class IMO. #ttl

  71. No light escapes the body, no taste bud avoids the hop and silky coating. The back and roof my mouth are tingling. Well crafted. #ttl

  72. I think it’s brave of Sam Smith to endcap these brews from Rogue in our tasting. It says something for the fortitude of their brews. #ttl

  73. @beertweeter WD-80 ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  74. Flavor is far more hoppy, middles out to citrus and mint for me, finish is very bitter and lasting. I absolutely love Rogue brews. #ttl

  75. this is wholly opaque, black, no such ruby notes as in the SS. Fluffy tan head goes to thin with intricate lace. Beautiful. #ttl

  76. @hopwild mine deflated too, but lace is nice. #ttl

  77. @beerbabe i โค sediment. Lees, extra yeast, whatever, let me at it. #ttl

  78. @beertweeter lol Radiohead here. #ttl

  79. <sips water> #ttl

  80. @hopwild as we approach 25% ABV in some experimental Dogfish head brews, I think we’ll see it more and more. ;)One can hope. #ttl
  81. @hopwild I find that 5% and under forego the ABV listing. #ttl

  82. @reluct_scooper the carbo left mine pretty quickly and let the flavor come through. I started at cellar temp, too. #ttl

  83. Belgian lacing is crisp, intricate, and picture perfect. Nice way to finish. #ttl

  84. starts crisp, mellows to soy and dark notes quickly, longer oat based finish. A delicious session brew. #ttl

  85. I have a little 5 LED flashlight to get a good impression of the deeper color in more opaque brews. This one lights right up! #ttl

  86. I love stouts with some sediment or bottle conditioning. This one is clean as a whistle, but I’ll not hold it against ol’ Sam. #ttl

  87. @binendswine bottoms up while it’s 5% ABV! ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  88. @binendswine blushing and cheers! #ttl

  89. jealous of those with food pairing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  90. The color is one of the nicest features, I think — that ruby tinge is one of my favorite in the beer spectrum. #ttl

  91. As the carbonation departs and it warms, the flavors start to emerge more. Raisin, plum, soy. #ttl

  92. roasted malt is definitely coming through — oats help it. more choc than coffee for me. #ttl

  93. Mine is smooth, a bit like tea. Some chocolate, as beerbabe notes. I have a cold, sigh. #ttl

  94. @hopwild may be a bit shelved. Age doesn’t work in all brews, or could be a bad producer recipe. #ttl

  95. Taking shots and video as we go, will go up on http://beercritic.wordpress… later. #ttl

  96. Just a bit translucent. The ruby undertones are beautiful and the tan head is fluffy with nice lacing. #ttl

  97. Lots of grain and earthiness in the aroma. Nice. #ttl

  98. it says 6 p.m. EST here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ttl

  99. I have four glasses setup, an english pint for the oatmeal, a shaker for the shakespeare, 2 snifters for the rest. All room temp, clean #ttl

  100. @binendswine Stouts, depending on substyle can be poured into shakers, English Pints (e.g. oatmeal), and Snifters (e.g. imperial) #ttl
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Beercritic asks: Attending Twitter Live Tasting: Stouts?
Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

Tonight at 6 p.m., EST, I’ll be participating (as twitter username lemasney) in an online tasting event, part of Twitter Tasting Live, more commonly known on

Twitter as #TTL, where people tweet tasting notes all the time, and hash TTL as a way of updating those who are interested.

From time to time, specific beers are chosen for group review, like a book club, and we all get together on a Saturday night, virtually, to participate.

Rouge Ales Distillery & Public House, Portland...

Image via Wikipedia

Tonight, we’ll be tasting two British Stouts, and two American Stouts. They each have garnered 98s on which is no easy task. Rogue‘s Chocolate Stout and their Shakespeare Stout, as well as Samuel Smith‘s Oatmeal Stout and their Imperial Stout. I’ve had all of these before, but am looking forward to having them all again. This will be my first time participating in a group TTL event, but not their first event — I missed that one, and how sad I was.

For more info, visit:

Also, I’ve done some math on what I can expect to consume in calories this evening as a single taster who does not intend to throw any of this great beer away:

Brewery and brew	RateBeer	ABV	Price	FlOz	Calories	price per fl oz
Rogue Chocolate Stout	98.	6.30%	$5.99	22	347	$0.27
Rogue Shakespeare Stout	98.	6.00%	$5.99	22	330	$0.27
Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout	98.	7.00%	$3.29	18.7	327	$0.18
Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout	98.	5.00%	$3.09	18.7	234	$0.17
					1,238	Total Calories
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