Southern Tier Jahva Coffee Stout

Glass: snifter
Purchased at: Joe Canal’s Lawrenceville
Price: $5.99
Size: 22 fl oz
ABV: 12%
IBU: n/a
Estimated Calories: 400 C
RateBeer Rating: 99

Aural: quiet opening, quiet carbonation, simple pour

Aroma 10 out of 10
Intensity: strong
Balance: sharp
Impression: nice

Malt Aroma: chocolate roast coffee
Hops Aroma:
earth resin citrus
Other Aroma:
Notes: Amazing presence of aroma – reminds of the scent of a smoking volcano about to go.

Appearance 5 out of 5
Color: black
Clarity: opaque

Head Retention: persistent
Lace: intricate
Notes: An amazingly appropos appearance. Deeply coffee inspired.

Flavor 10 out of 10
Intensity: strong
Balance: bitter
Impression: amazing
Malt Flavor: roast coffee, nuts and ashes.
Hops Flavor:
earth resin orange
just amazing dark depth of burnt flavor.
Notes: dark, coffee, dark roast, sand, delicious

Palate 5 out of 5

Sensation: creamy drying warming

Carbonation: medium

Length: long
Intensity:  strong
Balance:  bitter
Notes: amazing palateexcellent, delicious,  and finish – exactly what you’d expect of both a great coffee stout and a Southern Tier bomber.

General Impression: 20 out of 20
Craftmanship: excellent
Freshness: fresh
Personal Taste: loved
Notes: A Favorite – obviously I love hoppy, dark stouts – and this one does not disappoint. What an amazing flavor and color and aroma, and finish. 8 stars.

Victory 10 Years Alt

Glass: Concave Pilsener
Purchased at: Canal’s Discount Liquors, Burlington, NJ – Thanks, Mike!
Price: $1.89
Size: 12 fl oz
ABV: 8.5 %
Estimated Calories: 175 C
RateBeer Rating: 84

Aroma 8 out of 10
Intensity: Medium
Balance: Sweet
Impression: Nice

Malt Flavor: Grain Bread Sweet Toast
Hops Flavor:
Earth Floral
Hops, bit of mold
Notes: A very nice aroma, though somewhat faint for the flavor.

Appearance 5 out of 5
Color: Copper
Clarity: Brilliant
Head Retention: Persistent
Notes: A stunningly beautiful beer. It is a deep copper under an off white head that won’t quit. Very nice.

Flavor 9 out of 10
Intensity:  Strong
Balance: Nicely balanced between Sweet and Bitter
Impression:  Nice
Malt Flavor:
Grain Bread Sweet Toast
Hops Flavor: Earth Floral Herbal
Other: Wheat, hops, honey
Notes: A surprisingly hoppy beer, and delicious. Dark, roasty, and deep. A great beer.

Palate 5 out of 5

Sensation: Creamy Warming
Body:  Full
Carbonation:  Lively

Length: Long
Intensity: Strong
Balance:  Bitter
Notes: The finish is one of the best parts of this beer. Thanks again, Victory.

General Impression: 18 out of 20
Craftmanship:  Excellent
Freshness:  Fresh
Personal Taste:  Liked
Notes: A great achievement in both your history and this beer. Fine job, and keep it coming.