Nogne O Imperial Stout

Glass: Snifter
Purchased at: Canal Liquors, Lawrenceville, NJ
Price: $7.69
Size: 16 fl oz
ABV: 9%
IBU: 75
Estimated Calories: 300C
RateBeer Rating: 99

Aroma 10 out of 10
Intensity:  Strong
Balance: Sweet
Impression:  Nice

Malt Flavor: Caramel Toffee Chocolate Coffee
Hops Flavor:
Cinnamon resin grapefruit
Other: alcohol

Notes: Aroma is delicious and inviting.

Appearance 5 out of 5
Color:  Black
Clarity: Opaque
Head Retention: Good
Notes: inpenetrable darkness with a nice tan head. Lacing is intricate.

Flavor 10 out of 10
Intensity:  Strong
Balance:  Bitter
Impression:  Nice
Malt Flavor:
Roasted Caramel Toffee Chocolate Coffee
Hops Flavor: Spice Resin Citrus
Other: Chalk, dirt
Notes:An amazing complexity – good dark chocolate and espresso overtones. Depth and character unmatched by many other chocolate stouts.

Palate 5 out of 5

Sensation: Creamy Slick  Warming
Body:  Full
Carbonation:  Lively

Length:  Long
Intensity:  Strong
Balance:  Bitter
Notes: electrifying, all over mouth, dark, hoppy, sharp, dry

General Impression: 20 out of 20
Craftmanship: Excellent
Freshness:  Fresh
Personal Taste: Loved
Notes: Easily the best darkest stout I’ve ever enjoyed. Well done, Nogne O.