Brooklyn Local 1
ABV: 9%
Calories: estimated at 400 C
Volume: 25.4 fl oz
Glass: Tulip
Purchased at: Glendale Liquors, Hamilton
Price: 7.99
Consumed at: Home

sensory first impression: Belgian overtones, with lager aromas. Head is nice, thick, but dissipates quickly. Head and lacing look enhanced – foamy, bright white. Body is deep amber with orange highlights. Nice immediate flavor. Orange, piney, with a spicy bite. Slightly hazy with an alcohol burn, but to be expected at 9%.

Aroma: 9 out of 10
banana, apple, kiwi, piney, long full mouth effects. sandy, crisp and dry. Could easily be mistaken for a deep champagne.

Visuals: 4 out of 5
Color is amber, and bright. Liquid is slightly hazy, but bottle conditioning is quite evident. Head and lace are white, thin, and disappointing.

Taste: 9 out of 10
fruity, dark, hoppy, and hot. Bitter with Sour overtones.

Palate: 5 out of 5
Body is very full, Mouthfeel is heavy and well rounded. Active everywhere on the palate – one of the most impressive beers I’ve had in this regard. Texture is sharp, dry and crisp. Carbonation is heavy. Finish is long, malty, dark, roasted, and deep.

Overall experience: 18 out of 20. I liked the flavor, darkness, roasted notes, celebratory style. A fantastic housewarming gift.