0lfabrikken Porter

Glass: Stem glass
Purchased at: Canal’s discount Liquor Mart, Burlington, NJ
Price: $8.07
Size: 22.3fl oz
ABV: 7.5 %
IBU: n/a
Estimated Calories: 400 C
RateBeer Rating:100

Aural: quiet opening, quiet carbonation, uneventful pour

Aroma 10 out of 10
Intensity: amazingly strong
Balance: sweet
Impression: delicious

Malt Aroma: chocolate roast coffee
Hops Aroma:
earth tar resin
Other Aroma:
Notes: Amazingly deep and burning aroma – one of the best ever.

Appearance 5 out of 5
Color: black
Clarity: fully opaque

Head Retention: persistent
Lace: little
Notes: An amazing deeply present appearance.

Flavor 10 out of 10
Intensity: strong
Balance: bitter

Impression: incredible
Malt Flavor: caramel toffee chocolate roast coffee
Hops Flavor:
earth resin citrus
Other: cocoa,
chocolate liquor, hops, bitterness.
Notes: This is easily one of my favorite beer flavors of all time.

Palate 5 out of 5

Sensation: sharp drying warming
Body: full
Carbonation: average

Length: long
Intensity: strong
Balance: bitter
Notes: the coffee, raisin, and other dark notes are very present in the wonderful finish.

General Impression: 20 out of 20
Craftmanship: excellent
Freshness: fresh
Personal Taste: loved
Notes: The dark notes are most enticing. Absolutely one of my favorite beers.