Corona Light
08/23/2008, 4:23 AM
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Wow, it’s just abhorrent. I mean how could you possibly make a worse beer? You’d have to simply brand toilet water as an ultra light beer, and you’d still have something better than this. This is the absolute pits of beer.

Starr Hill Amber Ale

RateBeer Rating, Style and Glass: 55. Brown Ale, Dimpled Mug
ABV, Volume & Calories: 5 % in 12 fl oz. estimated at 150 C
Purchased at: Wood River Grill and Wine Shop for $1.33

Aroma: not much, off. 2 out of 10.

Visuals: murky brown, thin off white head, okay lace. 2 out of 5.

Taste: carbonation, watery, very little craft. 1 out of 10.

Palate: water, quick finish. 1 out of 5.

Overall: A lot like seltzer. I would not seek it out, it was in a word, bad. Poorly crafted. 8 out of 20.

EB Premium Beer
06/08/2008, 4:14 AM
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ABV: 5.5% (12.5 CPO)
Calories: estimated at 211C
Volume: 16.9
Glass: Pilsner
Purchased at: Sherwood Liquors
Price per fl oz: $2.50 / 16.9 fl oz = $0.14 per fl oz
Consumed at: home.

sensory first impression: A bad smell, a poor visual appearance, and no head. Smells of sausage left out in the sun. Tastes a bit better than it smells, but not much. Rather tame taste.

Aroma/Olfactory: 1 out of 10
Malt flavor is: weak coffee, bad tap water.
Hop flavor is: gym socks.
Yeast flavor is: doughy, mold, plastic.
Other flavors include: medicine, sulfur, skunk, smoke

Visuals/Appearance: 1 out of 5
Color is: pale, yellow.
Liquid is: clear.
Head and lace are: none.

Taste/Flavor: 3 out of 10
Maltiness or Sweetness level is: light
Hoppiness or Bitterness level is: none
Sour level is: medium

Palate/Tactile: 2 out of 5
Body or Mouthfeel is: light
Texture is: thin, oily, oceanic
Carbonation is: flat
Finish is: abrupt and unmemorable.

Overall experience: 2 out of 20. I liked very little about this. The smell gives me a headache. I did not like the aroma, flavor, or color.

De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva 2005

Glass: Tulip
Purchased at: Circle Liquors, Pennington, NJ
Price: $6.99
Size:11.2 fl oz
ABV: 13%
Estimated Calories: 210 C
RateBeer Rating: 99

Aroma 8 out of 10
Intensity: Strong
Balance: Sharp
Impression: Nice

Malt Flavor: Grapes Cherries

Hops Flavor:Resin
Notes: Very much like a red wine. Not a fan.

Appearance 3 out of 5
Color: Black
Clarity: Cloudy
Head Retention: Poor
Notes: Nothing special to look at.

Flavor 8 out of 10
Intensity: Strong
Balance: Bitter
Impression: Off
Malt Flavor: grapes
Hops Flavor: HerbalResin
Other: cherries
Notes: For one of the best beers in New Jersey, I’m sorely disappointed. Again, this thing sprayed all over, tastes not so great, and costs $7 for a 11.2 fl oz container.

Palate 3 out of 5
Sensation: Drying Warming
Body: Full
Carbonation: Faint
Length: Long
Intensity: Strong
Balance: Bitter
Notes: Not a bad finish, but getting there is hard to do. Alcohol not hidden well at all.

General Impression: 10 out of 20
Craftmanship: Interesting, but not to my taste.
Freshness: Stale
Personal Taste: Disliked
Notes: I wished so much that this had been better. It took 20 minutes to open due to the overcarbonation and potential yeast problem, then 5 minutes for cleanup, then drinking it was a bit of a chore, like drinking wine. Lots of better ways to spend $7.

Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen
05/13/2008, 3:25 AM
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Glass: weizen
Purchased at: Gift from Sean P.
Price: Thanks, Sean!
Size: 12 fl oz
ABV: 5%
Estimated Calories: 150 C
RateBeer Rating: 25

Aroma 2 out of 10
Intensity: very Faint
Balance: sweeter
Impression: neutral

Malt Flavor: Grain wheat
Hops Flavor:
Notes: Really nothing coming out in terms of aroma. Very still.

Appearance 1 out of 5
Color: Straw
Clarity: Dull
Head Retention: Good
Notes: head persistence and lacing seem chemically induced.

Flavor 3 out of 10
Intensity: Faint
Balance: neutral to sweet
Impression: neutral
Malt Flavor:
Grain Bread
Hops Flavor: Herbal Spice Citrus
Other: Corn Chemical
Notes: Really very light, weak, and a bit watery.

Palate 2 out of 5

Sensation: Drying
Body: very Light
Carbonation: Faint

Length: Short
Intensity: Faint
Balance: just a tiny bit of sweetness
Notes: It might as well be flat seltzer.

General Impression: 3 out of 20
Craftmanship: Boring
Freshness: seems a bit Stale
Personal Taste: Disliked very much.
Notes: There’s no ‘there’ there. It’s the first unfiltered beer that had no haze. It’s the first wheat beer that had no wheaty body. Poorly crafted, badly balanced, and just downright watery. Very much like a light beer, but I’m still consuming the extra 50 calories.

Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale
05/12/2008, 4:20 AM
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ABV: 5.5%
RateBeer rating: 55
Calories: estimated at 150C
Volume: 12 fl oz
Glass: flute
Purchased at: Trade with Sean P. (Thanks, Sean with apologies.)
Price: Oskar Blues Old Chub
Consumed at: home

First Impression: I should start by saying that I don’t like blueberries, but I love most other fruits and berries. I’m a big fan of Belgian styles, and lambics, just not of blueberries. Color is nice, but aroma is off. Reminded of the experiments of Smuttynose Hanami Ale. Aroma is blunt and chemical. Visuals are a beautiful tea body with no head whatsoever. Taste is, in a word, bad. This is hard to finish, much less enjoy. Palate is crisp, dry and short lasting finish, thankfully. Overcarbonated. Second Impression: Very glad I did not buy this, but I’m pretty sure Sean was just clearing out his fridge with this one. It’s pretty, but there are much prettier beers that are simply fantastic to taste.

Aroma: 4 out of 10

Visuals: 4 out of 5

Taste: 3 out of 10

Palate: 3 out of 5

Overall: 12 out of 20