Avery Old Jubilation Ale

No pics, friends, sorry. I was out and about, away from the photostudio.

Style and Glass: Strong English Ale, Pint
ABV, Volume & Calories: 8% in 12 fl oz. estimated at 200 C
Purchased at: Issac Newton’s, Newtown, PA for $5.00

Aroma: tannins, grapes, malty, sweet, honey, fruity

Visuals: beautiful label, summer sunset, deep, ruby, nice tan head, hazy, long lasting lace.

Taste: well balanced, heavy barley malt, cherry, peach, some hops, good strength.

Palate: high quality, sticky texture, long burnt finish.

Overall: Wonderful, delicious, great flavor & finish. I’d love to repeat. It’s a favorite. High value. High craft. I paired it with vegetarian chili and a blackened chicken wrap — absolutely delicious, and a very good pairing.

Red Hook Winter Ale
05/23/2008, 4:02 AM
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ABV:6.0 %

Purchased at: Circle
Consumed on: 2/1/8

first impression: Good aroma, rich body, lasting impression.

Color, depth: rich red body with depth
Belgian lace, legs: n/a

Aroma: full bodied, with flowery presence.

Hoppiness, bite: heavy on hops and deliciously so.
Maltiness, flavor: malty flavor and body.

Weight: not light at all.
Mouthfeel: weight and countenance from start to finish.

second impression: A very solid beer.