Beercritic asks: Attending Twitter Live Tasting: Stouts?
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Tonight at 6 p.m., EST, I’ll be participating (as twitter username lemasney) in an online tasting event, part of Twitter Tasting Live, more commonly known on

Twitter as #TTL, where people tweet tasting notes all the time, and hash TTL as a way of updating those who are interested.

From time to time, specific beers are chosen for group review, like a book club, and we all get together on a Saturday night, virtually, to participate.

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Tonight, we’ll be tasting two British Stouts, and two American Stouts. They each have garnered 98s on which is no easy task. Rogue‘s Chocolate Stout and their Shakespeare Stout, as well as Samuel Smith‘s Oatmeal Stout and their Imperial Stout. I’ve had all of these before, but am looking forward to having them all again. This will be my first time participating in a group TTL event, but not their first event — I missed that one, and how sad I was.

For more info, visit:

Also, I’ve done some math on what I can expect to consume in calories this evening as a single taster who does not intend to throw any of this great beer away:

Brewery and brew	RateBeer	ABV	Price	FlOz	Calories	price per fl oz
Rogue Chocolate Stout	98.	6.30%	$5.99	22	347	$0.27
Rogue Shakespeare Stout	98.	6.00%	$5.99	22	330	$0.27
Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout	98.	7.00%	$3.29	18.7	327	$0.18
Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout	98.	5.00%	$3.09	18.7	234	$0.17
					1,238	Total Calories
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Samuel Smith Imperial Stout

RateBeer Rating, Style and Glass: 98, Imperial Stout, Snifter
ABV, Volume & Calories: 7 % in 12 fl oz. estimated at 170 C
Purchased at: Circle Liquors, Pennington, NJ for $2.75

Aroma: tannins, dark, roasted, chocolate, coffee, nice, inviting. 10 out of 10.

Visuals: deep, murky, black, opaque, tan, persistent head, loose lace. 5 out of 5.

Taste: deep, roasted, liquor, light bitterness, heavy malt flavors, layered, rich, well crafted. 9 out of 10.

Palate: soda, heavy, oily, long, deep, delicious finish. 5 out of 5.

Overall: Not quite up there with some other imperials, such as Stone, and not nearly as rich nor deep as something like Mikkeller’s Geek Breakfast, but highly available, and very delicious. I’d have it again in a heartbeat. It’s a great beer, and very well crafted. 18 out of 20.

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale
05/13/2008, 1:18 AM
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ABV: 5%
RateBeer rating: 84
Calories: estimated at 220 C
Volume: 18.7
Glass: Dimpled Mug
Purchased at: West Trenton Wine and Liquor
Price: $3.25
Consumed at: home

First Impression: Not a fantastic beer – rather light, not watery, but simple. Aroma is leather, earth, and serious hay — like a day at the farm. Visuals are a nice clear ruby brown with a sustained off white head. Taste is maybe the weakest feature, and a shame at that. Thin, muted, and a bit shallow. No discernible complexities of flavor, like ones you might expect in a brown ale, as from roasted or chocolate malts. Palate is crisp, dry, with a soda mouthfeel. Taste does not linger for long after, and doesn’t do much during a taste. Second Impression – it’s very sad that the same brewer that makes the Oatmeal stout does such a poor job of this. Thin, weak, sad.

Aroma: 4 out of 10

Visuals: 3 out of 5

Taste: 4 out of 10

Palate: 2 out of 5

Overall: 12 out of 20

Samuel Smith’s India Ale IPA
05/12/2008, 10:39 PM
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Glass: tulip, shaker
Purchased at: Circle Liquors Super Saver
Price: $2.50
Size: 18.7 fl oz
ABV: 5 %
Estimated Calories: 220 C
RateBeer Rating: 80

Aroma 4 out of 10
Intensity: fainter
Balance: sweeter
Impression: slightly off

Malt Flavor: Grain Bread Sweet
Hops Flavor:
Floral Herbal
wet dog
Notes: At first I thought it was the glass, but I changed glasses and the skunkiness remained.

Appearance 4 out of 5
Color: Amber
Clarity: Brilliant
Head Retention: just okay
Notes: A very clear, beautiful beer. Head stays, but just there.

Flavor 6 out of 10
Intensity: slightly strong
Balance: slightly bitter
Impression: just the nice side of neutral
Malt Flavor:
Grain Toast Nut Coffee
Hops Flavor: Floral Herbal Citrus
Other: slight Chemical
Notes: Not bad, but the taste is just sub par for the type.

Palate 3 out of 5

Sensation: Slick Drying
Body: medium
Carbonation: faint to lively

Length: Short
Intensity: fainter
Balance: sweeter
Notes: Palate is just okay.

General Impression: 14 out of 20
Craftmanship: more Boring

Freshness: somewhat Stale
Personal Taste: Disliked
Notes: Good as an experiment, but I prefer bolder, hoppier varieties.

Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Pale Ale
05/06/2008, 2:32 AM
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ABV: 5%
Calories: estimated at 250C
Volume: 18.7 fl oz
Glass: footed pilsener
Purchased at: West Trenton Wine and Liquor, West Trenton NJ
Price: $2.50
Consumed at: home

First Impression: Aroma is herbal, a bit dusty. Visuals include a deep red and nice head with some lacing.  Taste is only okay – the flavor is a bit muted, somewhat watery, kind of bland. Palate is good, spongey, with a dry crisp middle-length finish. Second Impression: I didn’t enjoy this a whole lot. It’s kind of weak, and while it’s easily drinkable, and not bad, it’s not great either. For the price, I expected more.

Aroma: 8 out of 10

Visuals: 4 out of 5

Taste: 6 out of 10

Palate: 4 out of 5

Overall: 14 out of 20. It just isn’t that great of a beer, and when you have something like their great Oatmeal Stout to compare it with, why would you pay the same amount for this?

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

Samuel Smith Oatmeal StoutABV: 5 %
Calories: estimated at 150 C
Volume: 12 fl oz bottle
Glass: concave shaker
Purchased at: Circle Liquors Super Saver, Pennington, NJ
Price: $2.75
Consumed at: home

Impression: A rich, deep dark body with a thick tan head. Impressive for such a widely available beer. Almost impenetrable but has a deep ruby core in bright light. Deep, rich, and full flavor with good long aftertaste. Chocolate, roasted coffee, raisin, plum, and orange peel are evident. A very good example of a well crafted mass produced beer. Good finish and aftertaste. Enjoyable, drinkable, and with depth of flavor throughout.

Samuel Smith Oatmeal StoutAroma: 8 out of 10

Visuals: 4 out of 5

Taste: 9 out of 10

Palate: 5 out of 5

Overall: 17 out of 20