Chimay Bleue

Glass: tulip, trappist, tumbler
Purchased at: Circle Liquors Super Saver, Pennington, NJ
Price: $4.29
Size: 11.2fl oz
ABV: 9%
IBU: who @!#$%^&*() knows
Estimated Calories: 200 C
RateBeer Rating: 99

Aural: opening was boisterous, exciting, and wet. carbonation was overstimulated, but controllable, pour was about average, but with caution.

Aroma 8 out of 10
Intensity: medium
Balance: sweet
Impression: reasonable

Malt Flavor: grain bread sweet toast nut
Hops Flavor:
herbal spice
Notes:A very nice scent with a delicious aroma

Appearance 4 out of 5
Color:  dark
Clarity:very hazy
Head Retention: poor
Notes: I wonder if the humidity is affecting the head of these beers. 🙂

Flavor 8 out of 10
Intensity: above average
Balance:  medium
Impression: okay
Malt Flavor: grain bread sweet toast nut
Hops Flavor:
earth floral herbal
Notes: A very nice fruit style, but does not feel strong, which is kind of a plus. Or maybe a plooooose.

Palate 4 out of 5

Sensation: creamy slick drying warming
Body:  medium
Carbonation: medium

Length: long
Intensity: medium
Balance: more bitter
Notes: a very tasty beer, with a nice balance and a nice finish.

General Impression: 18 out of 20
Craftmanship: excellent
Freshness: fresh
Personal Taste: loved
Notes: delicious, very hoppy with a long bitter finish, and a very nice color.