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The replaced Header image is a flickr hosted creative commons licensed image. stoicviking’s Beer spigots at the Celtic Cross is a beautiful image and very fitting for my topic.

I am an amateur aspiring cicerone, and while I’ve only been at it for a little while, since the summer of 2007, I’m enjoying getting to know the language of beer.

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You have a great beer blog!

I would like your permission to add your beer blog link to our new beer website called The Beer In Me. We are a new beer website dedicated to beer enthusiasts around the world. We are located @

We are compiling a list of beer blogs from across the globe and listing them all on a featured page of our website.

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Comment by Tbim

Thanks very much, Tbim. I checked out your site and added it to my Blogroll. Looking forward to seeing it again. bc.

Comment by lemasney

Great site. I enjoyed your company at Isaac Newtons for the Allagash & Creme Brulee tapping.
Keep in touch.
Alan (NJpadreFan- BeerAdvocate)

Comment by Alan W. Hockenjos

Awesome site dedicated to craft brewery.

We are an officially licensed Merchandiser of different a bunch of awesome beer items that include brands like Brooklyn Brewery, Guinness and Genessee.

Would you like to partner with us and offer your blog readers a free item from our collection? All we ask for in return is a link to our website.

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Comment by Alyssa Diloreto

John, feel free to join us on the Aleuminati if you’re so inclined. Cheers – Shawn, the Beer Philosopher

Comment by Shawn, the Beer Philosopher

Excellent site dedicated to craft brewing. I found your link from Aleuminati and I’m thankful to have found it.

Although not in the same country as yourself it certainly is good to see what else is around. Keep up the good work!

Comment by Nathan

Thanks, Nathan — glad to know you, and cheers!

Comment by lemasney

beautiful photography and very comprehensive reviews. me gusta….

i’m at

stop by and say hello.


Comment by prfx

I saw some of your blog posts on Aleuminati, and had to stop by and comment. Of course I appreciate the quality of the beer reviews, but I must say your beer photography just blows me out of the water. Beautiful stuff!

Comment by musingmonkey

Thanks, Damien! What’s your Aleuminati handle? I’ll friend you there.

Comment by lemasney

Hi John,

I represent an amazing craft brewery out of California. We’ll be distributing in Jersey in a week. Are you interested in trying some craft beer in a can samples? Send me an email with your contact info.


Comment by Adrianne Fener

I’m looking forward to it — You found me on Twitter (@lemasney).

Comment by lemasney


Came across your blog today. Great site. Loads of interesting content – I will definitely be coming through here regularly.

I wanted to also invite you to, a network for craft beer enthusiast. We have a load of interesting folks who’d love to learn about your blog and videos. Hope to see you there. Cheers!

Comment by Rich

Thanks for stopping by — I just looked at and it showed me an ‘under construction’ page. Can you send me an invite or something? Thanks!

Comment by lemasney

I thought you might be interested in a story we have…please feel free to link to it.

New full-bodied research finds beer drinking increases bone mass in older women.

Comment by Janice Sinclaire

Hi John,

My name is Michael Fisher and I’m getting in touch with you regarding my website designed specifically for finding breweries and brewpubs. You can find my site at and was hoping you could critque it and send me any comments and suggestions.

Please feel free to contact me.

Michael Fisher

Comment by Michael Fisher

Hi, Michael. I love the concept — I wished for it when I was actively reviewing. Though, I must say, I’m running into issues trying even the simplest feature — finding what’s near me. If I type in 19020 or other zips in my area, it complains that it does not understand what I’m looking for. Try it. Best of luck, and it looks like an info packed site!


Comment by lemasney

Hi John,

Just came across your blog – always great to find another beer lovers beer blog! I was wondering if it would be possible to get a link to our blog on your site? You can find a link to your blog on our blogroll:

Should you be interested please feel free to use the link below to add the Beer Cartel Blog to your website:


Comment by Beer Cartel

Hi, Richard. This blog is no longer updated. You should take a look at the latest post. You can consider this inclusion of your link as my best effort to meet your need. Best to you.

Comment by lemasney

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