Pabst Blue Ribbon

Beer review: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Style & glass: Pale lager; dimpled mug

12 fl oz x 5% ABV = 60 / 60 = 1 beers * 150 C = 150 calories (est.)

Available at: everywhere, for Pete’s sake for $.50 a can

smell is mostly corn, sight is mostly yellow, taste is mostly corn and rice, feel is thin and light, overall I’d say drink in the event you want to recall what it was like before you drank craft beer.

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you know i have drank beer my whole life staring at age 15 I am now fifty I was on a quest searching for the perfect brew i came close twice once in 1977 when at my local store I bought original coors beer when they did not ship east of the rockies I live in ma. do not ask me how they got it it was the best beer ive ever drank un pastuerised the only one that came close for me was bass ale. coors beer was really something back then not anymore though I even called them when it became available 20 years later in ma it was not the same beer they lied and said it was but no way your thoughts or comments

Comment by rob linhares

I think the ultimate beer is Mikkeller’s Black. The ultimate highly available beer is Dogfish head’s 120 Minute imperial IPA. My absolute favorite for an everyday beer is Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo. PBR is, in my opinion, not a very good beer, but better than many others. Cheers to you and your quest!

Comment by lemasney

Hate to brake it to you but you guys should research whose brewing your craft beer. When the hire a contract brewery to produce a million bottles it’s no longer “craft beer” to me.

Comment by Mike

Hate to break it to you, but I was not (never, ever) proposing that PBR was craft. It’s not bad for a buck, though.

Comment by lemasney

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