Samuel Adams Imperial White
Sam Adams Imperial White

Sam Adams Imperial White

Style; glass: Belgian Strong Ale; Trappist
12 fl oz x 10.3% ABV = 123.6 / 60 = 2.06 beers * 150 C = 309 calories (est.)
Purchased at: Canal’s Lawrenceville, NJ for $2.50

Aroma: nice, coriander, syrup, honeysuckle, cardamom, curry.

Visuals: classic packaging, deep orange body, thick, long lasting white head, sticky intricate lace.

Taste: unbalanced, cloyingly sweet, a bit overpowering, with some chemical notes, though after the initial shock, fruit, nuances of layering in peach and apple, and earthy flavors emerge.

Palate: creamy, with a choclatey sweet finish, some sourness remains.

Overall: A nice effort by Boston, but they’re out of their league vs. Trappists. I’d have it again, if the price was a bit cheaper.

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Without a doubt one of my favorites. Period. Sam Adams does an absolutely delightful job with this brew. I’m interested in trying the Imperial Stout, but my distributor seems not to be able to get same here. I’ll be in Ft Worth Thursday, so perhaps I’ll find it there.

Comment by cmblake6

Best of luck — availability is one of the great benefits of drinking SA brews. Cheers!

Comment by lemasney

Forgive my error. Double Bock, not Stout. Again, perhaps I’ll find it there.

Comment by cmblake6

They also have an imperial stout. There are three beers in their imperial series. You’re all good, and so are they. đŸ˜‰

Comment by lemasney

I enjoyed trying the Sam Adams Imperial White while watching this video. I agree about the Boston Brewing Company stepping off the beaten path, but, as you stated, there can be disadvantages of doing that. Overall, I’m enjoying the beer!

Comment by James Lampe

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