Mikkeller To From 2007
04/24/2009, 11:25 PM
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Mikkeller To From 2007

Mikkeller To From 2007

Style; glass: Strong Porter; snifter
25.4 fl oz x 8% ABV = 203.2 / 60 = 3.38 beers * 150 C = 507 calories (est.)
Purchased at: The Foodery. #rd and Arch, Phila, PA for $25.00

Aroma: citrus, cocoa, alcohol, roasted malts,

Visuals: fun, interesting, and intriguing packaging, the color of the remaining ashes of a burnt hearth, brown to black with a tan head, wholly opaque with a nice lace.

Taste: Sweet, then bitter, very much about coffee, chocolate, and dark roasted malts.

Palate: Well rounded mouthfeel, not drying.

Overall: An absolutely amazing brew. I’d have it again if I could afford it. A favorite.