Long Trail Unfiltered IPA
04/23/2009, 11:33 PM
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pourn: Long Trail's IPA

pourn: Long Trail's IPA

Style; glass: IPA, Tulip
12 fl oz x 5.9% ABV = 70.8 / 60 = 1.18 beers * 150 C = 177 calories (est.)
Purchased at: The Beer Outlet for $1.25

Aroma: faint lemon citrus, pleasant.

Visuals: fair packaging, mindful of Vermont, Body is yellow to deep sunset with an off white head, goes from brilliant to cloudy with pouring, little fine lace.

Taste: slight sweetness, a lot of malted barley flavors, hops provide a bitter flavor, but light.

Palate: Starts quite crisp, moves to drying, lingering taste is of roasted malts.

Overall: Enjoyable, most especially for the price, a bit lemony and summery for the style, but enjoyable.