Dominion Millennium BWSA
Dominion Millennium BWSA

Dominion Millennium BWSA

Style; glass: BWSA; snifter
12 fl oz x 10.5% ABV = 126 / 60 = 2.1 beers * 150 C = 315 calories (est.)
Purchased at: The Beer Outlet for $1.25

Aroma is honey, hops and an alcohol burn, inviting, strong.

Visuals are a deep ruby red, lightly carbonated, very quick tan head goes away completely.

Taste is bitter, middling to sweetness, finish is a long bitter burn.Tasty, but unbalanced.

Palate is crisp, rough, and sandy. Gritty, drying, and with an alcohol burn throughout.

Overall, a very nice brew, definitely a different kind of barleywine, this one much less sweet than others, with a great deal of hop presence. Delicious, well done.


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I’m confused… you spent nearly $8 on the Pikeland Pils but only $1.25 on this Dominion? And what’s the deal with this Beer Outlet Place?

My only guess is that you wrote the 6-pack price for the sly fox and the individual price for the Dominion (but bought a case – $30? really?). Or is the is Beer Outlet a secret place that sells individual bottles for ludicrously low prices?

Comment by P

I usually note the individual price of the container (can, bottle, bomber, pint, etc) and that is no typo. These were on sale for $330 a case. I know a bargain when I see it, so even though it’s kind of rough on the palate, I’m enjoying its ease on the wallet. 😉 Yes, the Beer Outlet rocks — it’s right near the Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia. It’s in the strip mall with the Wal Mart, and they have great prices on outdated beers. In this case, it matters very little, since the ABV is so high.

Comment by lemasney

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