Moylan’s Ryan Sullivan’s Imperial Stout
Moylan's Ryan Sullivan's Imperial Stout

Moylan's Ryan Sullivan's Imperial Stout

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Style; glass: Imperial stout; snifter
22 fl oz x 10% ABV = 220 / 60 = 3.66 beers * 150 C = 549 calories (est.)
Purchased at: Canal’s Burlington, NJ for $6.99

A roasted malt taste explosion, supported with coffee, chocolate, grapes, sourness and a heap of bitterness. Delicious, with a beautiful opaque body and thick, long lasting tan head. Really great, as usual, from Moylan.

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Thanks for giving some time to this beer. In a catagory of beers that often are dextrinous and slow to disappear from the glass, this beer is made to stand up differently. Yes, hops. Bitterness alone from roast malt can be astringently dry and whereas a sticky-sweet version may benefit from roast assertion, this beer is created to offer a drinkabillity one may seek from such a sippable style. I created it to be everything a bitter-sweet chocolate espresso at 10% ABV needs to be….drinkable and memorable. I find the perfect accompanyment includes gingerbread, lemmon cake, bread pudding and Turkish Coffee ice cream. I also employ a shot of fine whiskey to bring out the chocolate notes in full force.
Keep up the quaffing and I’ll keep up the brewing!
Kindest regards,
Denise Jones
Moylan’s Brewing Co.
Novato, CA

Comment by Denise Jones


As an absolute fan of your work, I want to say first that it’s an honor to have you stop by to comment, and secondly that your brewing is some of the most consistently pleasantly surprising and enjoyable that I’ve come across in my tasting path. I would agree wholeheartedly that your creation here is both drinkable and memorable. Thank you again for stopping by, and thanks for all of the work that you do.

John, aka beercritic.

Comment by lemasney

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