Mikkeller 黑
Mikkeller Black Stout

Mikkeller Black Stout

Style and Glass: Imperial Stout; Snifter
12.7 fl oz * 17.5% = 222.5 / 60 = 3.7 beers * 150 = 555 C est.
Purchased at: Canal’s Lawrenceville, NJ for $18.99

Neither of those (17.5 or 18.99 or 12.7 fl. oz. ) are typos.

Aroma: amazing, coffee, cocoa, hay, barnyard, oak, alcohol, ether.

Visuals: world class packaging, blackness, midnight, deep woods, solid, thick, viscous, staying tan head, intricate lace.

Taste: nicely balanced, off the charts in malt and hops, a new level of strength. Superb.

Palate: highest quality, syrupy texture, long dark finish.

Overall: The DFH 120 minute IPA of the world of imperial stouts. All others pale. It is without a doubt the best beer I have ever tasted in my life. I will go and clear the shelves of it, whatever the cost. It’s not only a favorite, it is my new superlative standard. Highest value for the highest craft. Mikkeller is only posing as a human.

A second tasting: I often say that this beer or that beer is ‘one of my favorites’ but this beer is, by far, my favorite brew. I forst had this in November of 2008, and wondered when I declared that it was my favorite how long it would hold the title. Many beers since have been very good, very complex, flavorful, and rewarding, but this one has all of that, plus personality, style, and an aroma, that is at once chocolatey, peppery, and full of booziness. The complex mixture in the flavor and texture includes maple syrup, alcohol, vodka, coffee, licorice, candy, dust, and chalk. The heft is intimidating, and the alcohol effects about halfway through makes you respect and quietly sip and contemplate it. This is an amazing brew, and would pair well with the most powerfully spicy or sweet dishes. It would overpower almost anything else, and for me, that’s right on. Play on, Mikkeller, you rock it hard.


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Hi – John LeMasney

Beautiful Review of Mikkellers Black, and beautiful pictures. I read several reviews on your blog. Very interesting reading. And I could not agree more, Black is also one of my favourite-beers.

It will certainly interest you that I have tasted an experimental-version of Black, named Heavy Black. 35% alcohol and a lot of flavour. Mikkeller is working on the development of this beer.


Comment by Thomas Schøn

Thanks, Thomas! That 35% Black must be positively amazing. I’d like to hope that the experiment turns into a production piece, and that somehow, it makes its way to the US.

Cheers, and thanks for the kind words. John.

Comment by lemasney

[…] skulle eksperimentere med netop nu. For superbe billeder af flaskeudgaven, gå til vores allierede John LeMasney’s blog – Beercritic, en superblog der får de varmeste anbefalinger […]

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Hi again John !

Finally – i made my own review of Mikkellers Black. Wanna know why? Found it on tap/keg the other night. It was truly an “out of beerbody xperience”. It left me speechless for half an hour.

I have made a direct link at the bottom of my review to your blog and your pics of Mikkeller Black. Thees pictures are truly amazing. Hope it will get you som well deserved traffic.

Check it out:


Comment by Martin Goldbach Olsen

Hi, Martin — love your blog, just wish I could read it. 😉 Mikkeller on tap — now that’s something to be excited about. Congrats on your find, and your great looking blog. j.

Comment by lemasney

Many thanks 🙂

Actually we talked about an enlish version – or just yo do it in english. But as you might have noticed, we regard ourselves more like beer tellers than “ratebeer” style beer experts. So the telling part, ofcourse, for us would be more difficult in english. Also the danish beer community is quite strong. But i think i will give it some more thought. Maybe we should figure out something together, maybe on Facebook, at least we use the same software, that’s a start.

Thursday we go to Prague, to visit master brewer “Chyne” – his beer is over the top. He is up there with Mikkeller. We ordered a tour at his small brewery, and we shall drink direct from the source. The price is 1 dollar for the biggest glass you have ever seen 🙂


Comment by Martin Goldbach Olsen

Forgot the Chyne link;


Comment by Martin Goldbach Olsen

Hi, Martin, trust me there are too many sites in English already. 😉 I like your ‘telling’ distinction — I have a few examples of beer poetry on this site, but they’re more funny than anything else. Say hi to Chyne for me. Spend a few dollars for me, too. 😉

Comment by lemasney

now that looks like a good beer! I read the Dogfish one you gave me the link for and it didn’t seem too appealing. I’m going to have to see if I can find this one at a store here. How expensive is it?

Comment by Carrie

@carrie. It’s well beyond good — it’s the ultimate. DFH is a much better beginning for someone used to average macro brews to get involved in craft brew. Mikkeller’s Black is 17.5 % ABV, dark, delicious, and intimidating.

It’s almost $20 for one 12 ox. bottle.

It’s so worth it, but only if you are ready for the deliciousness. DFH gets you ready for Mikkeller. DFH is a gateway drug for better beer.

Comment by lemasney

You take some good beer pics and I would love to try that beer. I need to get to my closest canals on my shore trip next week. I hope they have it. On another note, DFH makes a Worldwide Stout that is almost 20% and It blew my mind. Have you ever tried it?

Comment by Mike

Thanks @ Mike! I know of two Canals that are current Mikkeller 黑 carriers — Lawrenceville and Burlington. I have not yet had the most recent DFH World Wide Stout, but you may have noticed I am a big DFH fanboy. I bet it’s killer. Cheers! Here’s my review of a WWS from 2007:

Comment by lemasney

Hi John !

Just wanted to let you know that, inspired by your total awesome photos, we have started to shoot pics also. It is so not in your league, but we have fun with it. Check it out:

Cheers, Martin

Comment by Martin Goldbach Olsen

Martin, it’s beautiful! What a fun way to celebrate great beer. 😉 I just friended you on Flickr. I appreciate your kind compliments. You should know I took a lot of throwaway images before I found my process, and it looks like you’re starting off far more together than I did. Cheers!

Comment by lemasney

I’m not sure how I missed this review of yours. That’s quite a statement you’ve made John. But I’ve found your reviews always thoughtful and balanced, so I’m going to take it seriously and try to get a hold of this beast.
The reviews on beeradvocate are all over the shop! Perhaps not for everyone. But Imperial Stout fans on the other hand… 🙂
Boy that looks wonderful in your goblet.

Comment by musingmonkey

I stand by my statement that it is my favorite beer but, of course, I can’t speak for anyone else. I think some of the best beers will always have mixed reactions on BA and ratebeer, because like many exquisite foods, imperial styles are definitely an acquired taste. I would say You have to be willing to sip a portion of an ounce, savor, and recover for a moment. It is very much like bourbon in its effects, and when enjoyed properly, resting and letting your palate and mouth really react, it is an amazing rewarding and delicious treat. see alsp dogfish head 120 minute IPA. 🙂 Cheers!

Comment by lemasney

I suspect you’re right on the money. And for me, beers like the 120 min, that must be savoured, are by far the most enjoyable. Give me a beer that takes an hour to drink over a quick and easy gulp any day.
*plotting how to get a hold of the Mikkeller black*

Comment by musingmonkey

@musingmonkey I wish you luck on that search – consider it a treasure hunt. 😉 Also, thanks for your kind words.

Comment by lemasney

Hi John !

Congrats with the new great design and especially the youtube thing. That’s really a great feature and a I must say you set the standard of beerblogging theese days. Great work.

If you ever think of going to Denmark. Please be sure to catch the danish beer festival. This year Mikkeller had 18 different beers on tap (!!!!)in his stand. All the single hops, the beer geeks, DIPA, USAlive, Tjekket Pilsner, Draft Bear, ITs a light, Bad Worse, Black Hole, Black and a brand new festival brew called Stella 0, which was over the top, just freaking brilliant. I went for that one a couple of times but Black and Black Hole just got all my attention. From tap, thees two masterful brews rise to another godlike level.

Check pics here:


Comment by Martin Goldbach Olsen

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