Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron
Dogfish Head Santo Palo Marron

Dogfish Head Santo Palo Marron

Style and Glass: American Strong Ale; Snifter
ABV, Volume & Calories: 12% in 12 fl oz. estimated at 360 C

12%abv*12 fl oz = 144/60 = 2.4 beers * 150c = 360
Purchased at: Canal’s Burlington, NJ for $3.99Aroma: heady, floral, grapes, wine, wood, dust.

Visuals: typical dfh package, deep brown, oily, fully opaque, thin wispy tan head, sticky intricate lace.

Taste: unbalanced, mostly roasted malts, some lingering hops, beautiful, chocolatey, coffee, fruit. almonds, spicy.

Palate: oily, smooth, coating, long roasted bitter finish.

Overall: A wonderful, beautiful, tasty brew. I’d have it again, and like many DFH, it’s hard to beat. Delicious.

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Absolutely love the introductory photo. Well done.

Comment by Greg Givan

Cheers, Greg, and thanks!

Comment by lemasney

This really is a great beer. I posted about it a while back during a great lunch, pairing it with some pate, a little cheese, and some bread. Incredible.

Comment by Jay Campbell

@Jay most definitely, I think that proper pairing with deep flavored foods will surely make the most of this complex brew. Cheers.

Comment by lemasney

I fell in love with this beer. I had it in RI. I live in Westchester county NY. It’s hard to find. Does anyone know a beer distributer that sells it close to my home in NY zipcode 10543. Thanks.

Comment by Chuck

Wish I had an answer for you! I’m very lucky to live this close to DE.

Comment by lemasney

If you happen to be in Queens, I get it at Beverage Depot on Northern Blvd @ 166 st. in Flushing.

Comment by George

We just reviewed this beer and found it be quite enjoyable. Love the photo collage!

Comment by Parched No More

Thanks, Parched No More! Love this one myself.

Comment by lemasney

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