Okocim Mocne
02/17/2009, 4:49 AM
Filed under: Carlsberg, Okocim

ABV: 7%
Calories: 210 estimated
Volume: 16.9 fl oz
Glass: tulip
Purchased at: Sherwood Liquors, Ewing, NJ
Price per fl oz: $3 / 16.9 fl oz = $.17 per fl oz
Consumed at: home

sensory first impression: Big initial head goes down to nothing quickly. Aroma is nice and has some depth. Wispy but interesting lace and head. Beautifully carbonated and colored with golden, yellow and whitish hues. Taste is surprising, mobile in flavor. Dark, alcoholic, warm, and bold. It wants to be watery, but the alcohol betrays the effort. Knocks you over. Simple but very nice.

Malt flavor is: bread, hay, cereal, toast, and raw sugar.
Hop flavor is: grassy, lightly citrusy.
Yeast flavor is: doughy, moldy, dry
Other flavors include: alcohol, corn, raisin

Color is: bright, golden, yellow.
Liquid is: clear, sparkling
Head and lace are: minimal, off-white

Maltiness or Sweetness level is: medium
Hoppiness or Bitterness level is: light
Sour level is: medium

Body or Mouthfeel is: full
Texture is: oily, slick, papery
Carbonation is: lively visually, but flat tactile effect.
Finish is: long and blunt.

Overall experience: A very enjoyable malt liquor, if a bit overwhelming in effect. Aroma is omnipresent. Taste is blunt, almost dull, but definitely there. Not crisp or tight, but very heavy. I like it, though not as much as a stout, and nowhere near as much as a very good hoppy ale.

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“Price per fl oz: $3 / 16.9 fl oz = $.17 per fl oz” – it depends where you buy it – Chicago – ~$1.49 or $4.39 – four-pack of cans.

Comment by wojtek

Agreed, I happen to live in an area where Polish beer is widely and quite cheaply available.

Comment by lemasney

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