Rogue Yellow Snow IPA 5L Mini Keg
Rogue Yellow Snow IPA 5L mini keg

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA 5L mini keg

Style and Glass: IPA; tulip
ABV, Volume & Calories: 6.2% in 5 liters estimated at 1,000,000 C
Purchased at: Bensalem Beer and Soda for $34.59

Aroma: mellow, sour, grassy. Hops come through nicely.

Visuals: The 5L can is impressive, unique, and a great way to draw beer. Fun, inventive packaging for craft brew. A bit hazy, golden to amber in color, with a long lasting white head that thins but does not disappear. Lace is phenomenal.

Taste: Very well balanced, with a malty, sweet start and a bitter hoppy finish. All the classic flavors you’d expect: pine, grapefruit, and resin. Dark malty finish is delicious. Flavor is deep, strong, and lasting.

Palate: Fresh, clean, and crisp, but lingers nicely on the front and back of the tongue. Tingles throughout the mouth.

Overall: A special treat from a great brewer. As close to the tap as I’ll have at home. I’d love to have it again, but I doubt I’ll ever see it again, after I slowly enjoy these 14 glasses. Delicious.

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I have been searching for Microbrew 5L mini kegs all over the net. Have you found any other tasty brews such as this in the 5L?

Comment by jkmastera

I found this one by chance in person at a rather unlikely place. I’m not saying that they don’t have craft beer in Bensalem Beer and Soda, but I never expected this. I have noticed a lot of 5L minikegs since, but none containing the good stuff. This stuff, for the record, was amazing. I think Rogue, again, stands alone. I could see Oskar Blues doing this with Dale’s, or Sly Fox with Pheonix. If I find another one, you’ll know about it. Promise! Cheers.

Comment by lemasney

Uh, the 5L mini-keg is primarily a German thing, with only a few other European brewers doing it. Why Rogue did it, who knows? However, the equipment needed for kegging mini-kegs is nothing like that needed for canning (or anything else, for that matter)……so, assuming that the microbrewers that can their beer, like Sly Fox and Oskar Blues, would be the more likely to put their beer in 5L mini-kegs is quite ignorant. On the contrary, it would more likely be the larger brewers that have the money and resources to expand their packaging line. A good distribution network, would also be needed, as this has always been looked at as a “specialty area” in the United States. As for now, it seems Rogue (who has been know to tap into niche markets before) is the only American brewer packaging in this mannerism, and at a premium price. Hope this helps.

Comment by Paul Robberte

Ignorance is in the eye of the beholder. I really was just hoping for more people to try this method, and really hoping that Oskar Blues might consider it, since they are already making people think outside the bottle. You’re obviously far more brilliant than me, so I’m sorry my stupid little web site got in the way of your browser. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Comment by lemasney

I was considering purchasing a 5L beer keg dispenser but wanted to know what beer was available before I purchased one. Here is the list from my local Total Beverage – I do not think this was so IGNORANT – since it does look like more micro brews are getting into the mini keg!
The following are available at the store:

Bell’s Best Brown Ale – $19.99
Bell’s Oberon Ale – $22.99
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale- $19.99
DAB Original – $18.99
Heineken -$21.99
Heineken Premium Light – $21.99
Spaten Lager – $22.99
Warsteiner – $19.99

Comment by Dan

Thanks, Dan!

Comment by lemasney

I think what Paul was trying to say was that just because you have a canning line doesnt mean you can produce a 5L keg. but i dont know, maybe he’s just a troll. in any case, what bugs me is that a brewer like Rogue charges $35 for a 5L. that’s like $17 a six pack!!! novelty or convience or whatever, that price is just crazy expensive!!!

Comment by rocco d

Rocco, as someone who’s paid $20 for a single 12 ounce bottle of great beer (Mikkeller’s Black), I can’t say it’s the most expensive price-per-ounce beer I’ve bought. It was very delicious, but I doubt I’d buy another one.

Comment by lemasney

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