Russian River IPA

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Enjoyed this with friends at Issac Newton’s in Newtown, PA. On tap, served a chilled (sigh) shaker. Deep golden, brilliant, clear and delicious. Nice white head dissipates fairly quickly. Some lacing. All about the hops — delicious flowery aroma and bitter finish that is a little bit sour and sweet. Would be delicious with a Szechuan stir fry or with Vietnamese chile dumplings. Dark flavor, roasty, and an exemplar of the style. I really really want to try some of the bigger brews by RR.

Beercritic asks: What is Beer Porn?
01/05/2009, 2:50 PM
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I wanted to give a shout of thanks to Shawn Connelly, aka the Beer Philosopher, who runs a great blog, and started my favorite home-away-from-home at — Shawn recently wrote on his blog about some of my visual work on The Aleuminati, his social network about beer:

John LeMasney, who can also be found on his own blog called beercritic, has consistently been cranking out some jaw-dropping visuals of high-end beers. Almost every day, Aleuminati members are treated to gorgeous photo spreads (nearly 400 of them now) of great beers in the photos section of the site. In addition to the excellent photos, John captures videos of the beers he’s enjoying as they’re poured into their respective glassware. These videos, mostly ranging from 1:00 – 3:00 minutes in length, are a lot of fun to watch. Not only are they well-made; they’re a true (not so) guilty pleasure to the true beer geek.

via Beer Philosopher – Drink Wisely.: LIKE WATCHING “BEER PORN”.