St. Bernardus Prior 8

Style and Glass: Belgian Strong, trappist
ABV, Volume & Calories: 8 % in 11.2 fl oz. estimated at 200 C

Purchased at: Canal’s Lawrenceville, NJ for $17.00 as a part of a gift pack complete with glass.

Aroma: sour, fainter, flowers, metallic, mold

Visuals: inviting, dark, moat, deep brown, nearly opaque, thin, staying, off white head, tight lace.

Taste: well balanced, maple, syrup, sour, woody, fruity, plum, cherry, orange, slightly bitter.

Palate: whole tongue active, sweet, bitter, delicious, mellow, blunt, long dark finish.

Overall: Delicious and remarkable. Deep, dark, and multi-layered. I’d love to have it again, though generally, I prefer sweeter Belgian variants.

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This is one of the best, most comprehensive, analytical review of a beer that I have read. I’ve got to try it.

If you have a chance, I’d be curious to know what you think of (the project of my two sons).

Comment by Dwight

Hi, Dwight! I really appreciate your kind words. I really enjoyed the brew. It’s funny that you call my review comprehensive — I’m collecting unpublished comments right now from an anonymous detractor who feels that I should just give it up, since I’m always just saying the same things over and over. He he he. I’m making a compilation of them that I’ll respond to in total as a post — from lemons, lemonade and all that.

Regarding I can only say that I wish there was one for Philadelphia so that I could benefit directly from it. It’s an amazing idea, a solution to a need, and from the looks of it very well executed. Kudos to your sons, and tell them to get to work on the Trenton, Philly, and Princeton editions. 😉 I would suggest that they advertise on the Aleuminati at — it’s a great network with lots of people who could directly benefit from the knowledge on BeerMenus. Cheers!

Comment by lemasney

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