Founders Backwoods Bastard

This is the bourbon barrel aged version of Dirty Bastard, which I enjoyed very much. Oak aging usually does not add a lot for me, though I’m endlessly interested in the way it alters the flavor. This brew comes in at 9.2% ABV in a 12 oz bottle from Joe Canal’s in Lawrenceville, NJ for about $2.50 a bottle and 200 Calories.

The color is beautiful. A deep ruby red, almost opaque. Good lacing with a thinner but persistent light tan foamy head.

The aroma is sweet, oak, and tea. Alcohol is present in the nose. Lots of leather, and the aroma is quite strong.

The flavor is mostly whiskey. Very penetrated with the oak aging. Good finish, smoky, dark and burnt. A superlative scotch ale. Founders knows how to do it right.

The palate is prickly — lightly carbonated and long lasting. Very dark, intense flavors. A very well done brew.

Overall, I like this quite a bit. Better, IMHO, than Oaked Arrogant Bastard which does not balance the aging nearly as well. I’d have this again. Not a favorite, but I simply prefer heavier stouts.

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i travel up to grand rapids michigan alot from kalamazoo (only an hour) as a concert photographer. the last few weeks ive been up there alot and ive gone in and had backwoods on tap, im not usually a scotch ale fan, usually drink highly hopped ipa’s and imperials but i love this beer, always bring some back. founders doesnt make a bad beer.

Comment by jeff dykhuis

Hi Jeff. I agree wholeheartedly — although I enjoy Scotch Ale as a style, there are better and worse for sure. Oscar Blues Old Chub is nice too. Regardless, Founders just started showing up in NJ this year, and it’s been very nice. I haven’t found anythng but winners from them. Jealous you get it on tap. 😉 Cheers.

Comment by lemasney

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