Hoppin Frog Bodacious Black and Tan

It’s dark and opaque, with a quickly diminishing tan head. It’s got very little in the way of aroma, but there is some coffee and pine. It’s translucent in the edges. Light just makes it through. The taste is spectacular. Coffee, hops, cocoa, yogurt, cream and citrus all come together nicely. An extreme flavor mix. A very tasty brew. Well balanced. A great dessert beer, but would also stand up to the spiciest flavors. Hoppin frog has some work to do on its labels, but they should keep doing exactly what they’re doing with the beers.

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Thanks, corebrewing for the love!

Comment by lemasney

Thank YOU for taking some amazing pictures of the beers we love so dearly!

Comment by Max

I’ll keep doing my part if you keep doing yours. 😉 I’m not brewing yet, but someday. Cheers, and thanks for the thanks.

Comment by lemasney

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