Heineken Lager

Style and Glass: lager, pilsener
ABV, Volume & Calories: 5% in 12 fl oz. estimated at 150C
Purchased at: everywhere for $1.00

Aroma: okay, hay, corn.

Visuals: okay packaging, artificial sunlight, yellow, pale, clear, thin white head, no lace.

Taste: unbalanced, little malt, no hops, no strength.

Palate: low quality, smoother texture, light finish.

Overall: not bad, but very much a light beer. sure, it’s a repeat. not a favorite. okay value. no craft.

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just bought heineken keg from local co-op all froth no lager chiled to temp as advised by instructions really dissapointed paid £13.99 for something thought i,d ernjoy really like your larger more so since new brand hope u,r willing 2 compensate me for this disaster had a full house at the time very spesial occasion lucy we had hinekin cans to x

Comment by bev davies

Hi, Bev. If you read my review you can see that I used words like ‘okay, artificial, little malt, low quality, no craft, no hops’ etc. How would I be responsible for anything but pushing you away from getting this mediocre-at-best beer? The chilling suggestion is bogus. Beer needs to be served cool but not cold to get the fuller taste out of it, but macro beers want you to serve it cold, so !@#$%^&* cold, so that you’ll notice the temperature and not the taste. Sorry about your full house disaster, seriously, but c’mon — it wasn’t me. If you meant this to be an email to either Heineken or your co-op, you missed the buttons big time. Cheers, but take it easy on the beercritic.

Comment by lemasney

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