La Biere des Collines Hercule Stout

Style and Glass: Imperial Stout; Snifter
ABV, Volume & Calories:9 % in 11.2 fl oz. estimated at 200 C
Purchased at: Super Saver Pennington, NJ for $3.00

Aroma: amazing, chocolate, syrup, heather. 10 out of 10.

Visuals: beautiful design, deep brown, mostly opaque, thin white head, little lace. 3 out of 5.

Taste: unbalanced, mostly malt, little hops, low strength, medium craft. 6 out of 10.

Palate: lower quality, smooth texture, quick finish. 3 out of 5.

Overall: A real disappointment, more of a brown ale than an imperial stout, not a repeat, not a favorite, little value, medium craft. 15 out of 20.

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[…] and that “spruce” character distracted and seemed out of place. I completely agree with John LeMasney of when he describes Hercule Stout as “more of a brown ale than an imperial stout”. The […]

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i don’t know if it can be labelled as a “brown ale”. this is a typical and one of the only examples of what could be called “belgian stout” (as in “belgian white” opposed to “german white”).
The great difference is that it is much, much, sweeter than umm, “brittanic stouts”, with very little burnt character.
That said, i like it alot, but i can see why you would be disappointed if you was expecting an imperial stout.
“Brasserie Ellezeloise” provides several types of farmhouse ales. Hercule is the darkest one. Saison 2000 is the least alcoholic, a refreshing brew with a little acidity to it. Then you have the Quintine Blonde, which is to double IPAs what Hercule is to imperial stouts. A personal favorite of mine, very hoppy and traditional. The last one is Quintine Ambrée, which i would not recommend… to me it is the least interesting.

Comment by JpKoff

Thanks for the feedback and interesting information, JpKoff.

Comment by lemasney

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