Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat
09/10/2008, 5:19 AM
Filed under: wheat ale (shaker, weizen)

ABV: 4.9%
Calories: estimated at 150 C
Volume: 12 fl oz
Glass: flat footed 8 oz shaker
Purchased at: West Trenton Fine Wines and Liquors, Explorer
Price per fl oz: $13 / 144 fl oz = $0.09 per fl oz
Consumed at: Home

sensory first impression: Lime aroma fills the area. A sweet and heady scent. Thick visuals and a nice body. Pears, apricots, and apples. Candy flavors. A tasty and very pretty beer.

Aroma/Olfactory: 7 out of 10
Malt flavor is: sweet, fruit basket, mellow
Hop flavor is: floral, citrus, lime specifically, and lemon.
Yeast flavor is: grit, sand, salt, dirt, flint
Other flavors include: bubblegum, root beer, artificial cherry flavor, vanilla, fleshy fruits, watermelon

Visuals/Appearance: 4 out of 5
Color is: pale, golden, amber, thick
Liquid is: hazy, cloudy
Head and lace are: minimal with some white lace

Taste/Flavor: 7 out of 10
Maltiness or Sweetness level is: heavy
Hoppiness or Bitterness level is: none
Sour level is: light

Palate/Tactile: 3 out of 5
Body or Mouthfeel is: medium
Texture is: washy, tidal, wet
Carbonation is: soft, flat
Finish is: middling and sweet

Overall experience: 12 out of 20. I liked the aroma, flavor and visuals in the body. I did not like the slightly watery feel, the soda like tendency of Linenkugels in general, and the softness of it.


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While I don’t speak Beer and my palette isn’t as fine tuned as yours, i have to say, this is so far my favorite beer.

Comment by Julie

Hi, Julie. I know a lot of people who list Leinenkugel brews amongst their favorites. I don’t think they’re bad or badly crafted, but I am mostly interested in ‘extreme’ craft brews (imperial styles, tripels, infusions), and they (Leinenkugel Brewery) seem to be mostly interested in session, everyday, highly drinkable brews. If I had the choice between a double imperial IPA and anything from Leinenkugel, it would be no contest, but for others with just as ‘refined’ beer palates (thanks for the compliment), there are none better than Leinie’s. Thanks for stopping by!

Comment by lemasney

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