Victory Golden Monkey
06/21/2008, 4:33 AM
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Victory Golden Monkey Tripel Ale with Spices
ABV: 9.5%
IBU: n/a
Volume: 12 fl. oz.
Glass: shaker
Purchased at: Sherwood Liquors
Consumed on: February 27th, 2008, 10:12 pm

sensory first impression: A very pretty beer with quirky advertising. Overwhelming fruity scent, which I like. No head or lace to experience, but I don’t miss it, since the olfactory is so nice. I poured twice – first time clear – second time because I felt I had missed out on the bottle conditioning yeast. Whoopsie! the second yeasty pour made it downright cloudy. It’s like sandblasted glass now. Nice bite, lots of flavor – I taste bacon, and I smell banana. I’m not crazy about smoke in beers – see my future review of Triumph’s Rauchbier, for example, but this is balanced pretty nicely. There’s lemon and plums and orange and apple — lots of apple — and banana. Nice bite and texture, and the presence is divine. This is a special beer.

Malt is smoky and full of a fruit bowl of taste influences.
Hops are herbaceous, mellow, and leafy. Very nice balance here. In the hands of an amateur, this would be a mess. Hail Victory.
Yeast/Bacteria doughy, earthy, leafy, and reminds one of an aquarium. I just jumped in. Did I mention this is 9.5% alcohol by volume?
Banana seems omnipresent, and I love it. Paprika? Ginger-licious. What an amazing depth of flavor.

Color is pale and a solid block of gold.
Liquid is cloudy with yeast.
Head/Lace is nowhere to be found.

Maltiness/Sweetness is heavy in smoky sweetness – like a banana infused sausage, but delicious.
Hoppiness/Bitterness is light and very balanced.
Sour from the smoke, but in an affectionate way.

Body/Mouthfeel is quite full and cloying.
Texture is creamy, slick, and thick
Carbonation is softly present in the background.
Finish is long lasting but muted. The cloying aspect amplifies this aftertaste, which is wonderful.

Overall second impression: What a wonderful beer. It wasn’t the first thing to reach out and grab me, but I’ll be sure to keep it on the top of my list when I’m looking for something special to sip, enjoy, and savor. What a treat.

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I have purchased a sixer of this due to your recommendation and it is currently chilling in the fridge. I’m a certified hop head with a bias towards Cali IPAs (and Oregon and Washington IPAs) but I went through a phase in which I was drinking New Belgian’s Trippel for a few months and it’s still on the varsity squad. I’ve never had a Victory brew and was pleased to find out that they are another Colorado brew, I guess there is a Belgian style thing going on up there. Thanks for the recommendation, it will go up in my next batch of posts.


Comment by prfx

Sweet! I thought Victory was still in Pennsylvania — maybe they have a brewing partner in CO? This particular brew is more for malt heads than hop heads, but you may also enjoy Victory’s HopDevil — it’s the beer that started me on my quest. You already found Stone, so you know what’s up with hops. 😉

You really ought to consider joining the Aleuminati at – I’m on there as lemasney as well. It’s been very nice to meet you.

BTW on the template, that’s what it’s there for, and I appreciate your interest.


Comment by lemasney

Well, I am retarded. I looked at the bottle more carefully and “VICTORY BREWING CO.” is not Colorado but Company. *der* It’s a PA brew. Disregard my dum dum comment. I obviously was running on a hop shortage to make such a oblivious observation.
Anyways, tried it and it was quite enjoyable.

Comment by prfx

@prfx yeah — I’m kind of proud that both myself and Victory are from PA, though I’m sure CO is a great place. 😉 Like I said — if you love hops, check out Victory Hop Wallop or Victory Hop Devil — both great IPAs.

Comment by lemasney

So, I am on my 3rd of 6 of these and I have thank you again for telling me about this one. Every single time I have one it just lifts my spirits so proper like.

Comment by prfx

My pleasure, Ciceronito. There’s something about the ABV, sweetness, and American twist on the Belgian style that just does it for me. Victory is a great brand — I’m glad we were able to share it. I’ve never had anything from them I haven’t absolutely loved.

Comment by John LeMasney

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