Brooklyn Brown Ale

ABV: 5.4%
Calories: 150
Volume: 12 fl oz
Glass: tulip
Purchased at: Hopewell Valley Wines
Price per fl oz: $7.99 / 72 fl oz = $.11 per fl oz
Consumed at: home.

sensory first impression: A beautiful, carbonated, deep red ale, with a chocolate nutty aroma, thin tannish head, and dark red and orange highlights. What a beautiful beer. Nice hoppy bite and a malty backbone. Not as heavy as you expect, but not disappointing at all. Lace hangs nicely. A bit thin in weight, but texture and flavor are spot on.

Malt flavor is: caramel, chocolate, nuts, sawdust
Hop flavor is: resinous, floral, muddy.
Yeast flavor is: dusty, sharp cheese, crispy, dry.
Other flavors include: alcohol, garlic, ginger, raisin, sulfur, smoke, cherries

Color is: deep red, brown, burnt brick, fiery, Darth Maul.
Liquid is: clear, sparkling, attractive.
Head and lace are: frothy, tan, lace hangs on and on.

Maltiness or Sweetness level is: medium
Hoppiness or Bitterness level is: medium
Sour level is: heavy

Body or Mouthfeel is: medium to full
Texture is: sticky, salty, sour
Carbonation is: lively
Finish is: medium astringent, middling

Overall experience: A very nice change of pace – I’d have this again, though it is not at the level of a fruity hefeweizen or a chocolate stout, it is a delicious and flavor driven ale.

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