Victory HopDevil IPA
05/25/2008, 2:33 AM
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ABV: 6.7%
Volume: 12 fl. oz.
Glass: tapered 12 oz.
Purchased at: Valley Wines, Hopewell, NJ
Consumed on: 02.05.08

first impression: Not especially impressive in color, bubbles, head, or heft, but an amazing aroma. Biting, acrid hop taste, but not off putting. Color changes with angle and edges of glass.

Visuals — Color, depth, belgian lace, legs: The color is variable according to angle, which I enjoy. The depth is beautiful, but rather thin. There is no lace, no legs, and no head in the least. The color ranges from a pale amber to a rich red.

Olfactory — Aroma: The hops are permeating and wondorous in the air. The fragrance is the best aspect of this ale next to hop centrality.

Taste — Hoppiness, bite, maltiness, flavor: The biting hops are the singular note in this ale, but very welcome to the tongue. The bite is electric and engaging, while lacking in so many other beers. For bite, this beer soars.

Tactile — weight, mouthfeel: HopDevil has a reasonable weight, and it’s respectable in its heft. The taste is dry and crisp and is an exemplar in this regard.

second impression: Aside from the range of color and amazing bite, there is little to note about this beer, though the two notes are absolutely wonderful. Until my recent experiments with a variety of beers this was by far one of my favorites. Many others come before it now.

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