Samuel Smith’s India Ale IPA
05/12/2008, 10:39 PM
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Glass: tulip, shaker
Purchased at: Circle Liquors Super Saver
Price: $2.50
Size: 18.7 fl oz
ABV: 5 %
Estimated Calories: 220 C
RateBeer Rating: 80

Aroma 4 out of 10
Intensity: fainter
Balance: sweeter
Impression: slightly off

Malt Flavor: Grain Bread Sweet
Hops Flavor:
Floral Herbal
wet dog
Notes: At first I thought it was the glass, but I changed glasses and the skunkiness remained.

Appearance 4 out of 5
Color: Amber
Clarity: Brilliant
Head Retention: just okay
Notes: A very clear, beautiful beer. Head stays, but just there.

Flavor 6 out of 10
Intensity: slightly strong
Balance: slightly bitter
Impression: just the nice side of neutral
Malt Flavor:
Grain Toast Nut Coffee
Hops Flavor: Floral Herbal Citrus
Other: slight Chemical
Notes: Not bad, but the taste is just sub par for the type.

Palate 3 out of 5

Sensation: Slick Drying
Body: medium
Carbonation: faint to lively

Length: Short
Intensity: fainter
Balance: sweeter
Notes: Palate is just okay.

General Impression: 14 out of 20
Craftmanship: more Boring

Freshness: somewhat Stale
Personal Taste: Disliked
Notes: Good as an experiment, but I prefer bolder, hoppier varieties.

Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale
05/12/2008, 4:20 AM
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ABV: 5.5%
RateBeer rating: 55
Calories: estimated at 150C
Volume: 12 fl oz
Glass: flute
Purchased at: Trade with Sean P. (Thanks, Sean with apologies.)
Price: Oskar Blues Old Chub
Consumed at: home

First Impression: I should start by saying that I don’t like blueberries, but I love most other fruits and berries. I’m a big fan of Belgian styles, and lambics, just not of blueberries. Color is nice, but aroma is off. Reminded of the experiments of Smuttynose Hanami Ale. Aroma is blunt and chemical. Visuals are a beautiful tea body with no head whatsoever. Taste is, in a word, bad. This is hard to finish, much less enjoy. Palate is crisp, dry and short lasting finish, thankfully. Overcarbonated. Second Impression: Very glad I did not buy this, but I’m pretty sure Sean was just clearing out his fridge with this one. It’s pretty, but there are much prettier beers that are simply fantastic to taste.

Aroma: 4 out of 10

Visuals: 4 out of 5

Taste: 3 out of 10

Palate: 3 out of 5

Overall: 12 out of 20

Sly Fox Odyssey Imperial IPA
05/12/2008, 3:23 AM
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Glass: 8 oz concave shaker (an alternate choice, obviously, but I love this little glass)
Purchased at: Newportville Inn store, Bristol, PA
Price: 5.99
Size: 22 fl oz
ABV: 8.5%
Estimated Calories: 360 C
RateBeer Rating: 81

Aroma 9 out of 10
Intensity: more faint
Balance: more sharp
Impression: very nice

Malt Flavor: Grain Toast Nut
Hops Flavor:
Floral Herbal Spice Resin Citrus
Notes: You can smell that very nice hoppy aroma, but it doesn’t penetrate the air like some do.

Appearance 3 out of 5
Color: Copper
Clarity: Dull
Head Retention: Poor but with some nice lacing.
Notes: Head seems a bit lacking, and the color and clarity are just so so.

Flavor 10 out of 10
Intensity: very Strong
Balance: very Bitter
Impression: very Nice
Malt Flavor:
Grain Toast Nut
Hops Flavor: Earth Floral Herbal Resin Citrus
Notes: A very nicely done beer in terms of hoppy variety. very bitter, and very strong.

Palate 5 out of 5

Sensation: Creamy Warming
Body: Full
Carbonation: Lively

Length: Long
Intensity: Strong
Balance: Bitter
Notes: The finish is the nicest part. I am constantly wanting another taste. Very nice.

General Impression: 18 out of 20
Craftmanship: Excellent
Freshness: mostly Fresh. I think the clarity and head are indicators of an overdue enjoyment.
Personal Taste: Liked very much.
Notes: this is just my kind of imperial IPA. Quite hoppy, very bitter, and with a long lasting finish.