Dogfish Head Imperial IPA 2006
05/03/2008, 2:58 AM
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Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA c. 09072006ABV: 21 %
Calories: estimated at 300 C
Volume: 12 fl oz
Glass: trappist
Purchased at: Circle Liquors Super Saver, Pennington, NJ
Price: $8.99
Consumed at: home

Impression: Wow. Knocks you over. 0-60 in 3 sips. The aroma fills the room with flowery hops. The malt is jumping. The bottle conditioning is a nice touch. I like a little haze in my 21% ABV ale (!). It’s syrupy with sweetness. It seems like a barleywine style, except for the IPA overtones. You are absolutely forced to sip and recover. The aftertaste is long, palate damaging, and delicious. I would find it hard to pair this with anything but the richest foods. This is the death by chocolate of hoppy beers. Thick yellowish head reduces to a wispy white foam with nice lacing. The reputation of this beer precedes it and it does not disappoint, though I thought I would enjoy it a bit more than I am, it simply whacks you over the head. It’s like trying to drink coke syrup. It’s exactly what I asked for, but as they say, be careful of what you ask for, they might serve it to you in a 12 oz bottle for 9 bucks.

Aroma: 10 out of 10

Visuals: 4 out of 5

Taste: 8 out of 10

Palate: 4 out of 5

Overall: 18 out of 20 I liked the overwhelming nature of this beer, but it is at the same time its downfall. I think this would be a great beer for a wine enthusiast to try to enjoy, but for me, I think I’ll stick to the 60 or 90 minute IPAs from this same great brewer. At the very least those are more affordable. For me they would also be a bit more enjoyable.

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My thoughts as well from my first 120, but it hadn’t been aged yet either. I liked the second one I had (on a different night, mind you) much more than the first, and the same went for the third one too…

Comment by Chris

@ Chris – I pretty desperately wanted to love this 120 minute, since DFH is one of my faves, but sweetness is a downer for me, and this one is way sweet. I wanted it to be crushingly bitter, and it wasn’t. I think now that I’ve had it, I’ll be able to enjoy it more the next time, as I’m sure it’s an acquired taste.

I am very fond of many IPA’s, imperial IPAs, and barleywines, plus I loved every Ruinator I ever had, so I was really looking forward to the 120 minute. At $9 for 12 oz, I obviously had hoped I’d enjoy it more. I’ll let the next one age for a few more years, though this one was from 2006. I’ll definitely try again, and thanks for the encouragement. 😉

Comment by lemasney

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