Flying Dog Double Double Dog Pale Ale
05/01/2008, 4:23 AM
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Flying Dog Double Dog Pale AleABV: 10.5 %
Calories: estimated at 200 C
Volume: 12
Glass: concave shaker
Purchased at: Circle Liquors Super Saver, Pennington, NJ
Price: 2.75
Consumed at: home

Impression: Amazing. Syrupy flavor. Nice off white tan head. Flowery, full aroma. full mouth activity and body. Long, rich, deep aftertaste. A great match for rich foods. Stands up. Visually carbonated. Flavors include pine, pineapple, lemon, pink grapefruit, nuttiness, roasted, mild coffee. Lacing is long lasting and strong. Legs are full. Aroma is omnipresent. Taste is deep and nice. Color is deep and varied. Carbonation stays. Tone is full. Well balanced, deep, and amazing. Rich amber color. Great depth.

Aroma: 10 out of 10

Visuals: 4 out of 5

Taste: 10 out of 10

Palate: 4 out of 5

Overall: 18 out of 20

Weyerbacher Insanity

Weyerbacher Insanity in a snifter. ABV: 11.1%
Calories: estimated at 400 C
Volume: 22 fl oz
Glass: snifter
Purchased at: West Trenton Wine and Liquors
Price: $7.99
Consumed at: home

Impression: Beyond a barleywine – this is just like wine. Too much like wine for me, personally. The color is amazing, deep, and dark ruby. There is just a wispy head. The aroma is intoxicating, but the alcohol is very hard to hide. It burns the nostrils. It has a very long, nice aftertaste, and activates all corners of the mouth. It grows quickly on you. It’s strong, but the strength is well crafted. Flavors include raisin, rum, red wine, alcohol, anise, oak, barley. Definitely hard to drink quickly – very much like light shots, and with a strong shock. Chocolate aftertones. Very heavy, thick, cloying, and indulgent. Bold.Weyerbacher Insanity

Aroma: 7 out of 10

Visuals: 5 out of 5

Taste: 7 out of 10

Palate: 5 out of 5

Overall: 17 out of 20. I liked the way it looked, it’s presence, and it’s boldness, but the alcohol content really outweighs any real tasting in this beer, and in a way defeats it.